How I Used Social Media to Score My Dream Job

August 5, 2016

Our mission here at The Muse is simple: to help you find your dream job. So, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about it when you do!

Today, we chatted with Madison Snider, a communications professional who wanted to find a job that provided her with a creative outlet as well as a supportive management team who would help her grow her skills and career. She found just that at digital marketing agency Spherical, where she is now a Digital Content Producer. On a daily basis, she works with Spherical’s clients to tell their stories through fun content shared on multiple social media channels.

Read below to learn more about Snider’s story, then check out Spherical’s offices and see how you can land a great new gig of your own.


Tell us about yourself!

I have a professional and educational background in communications, which I’ve oriented around my strong interest in visual storytelling. I’ve had jobs and internships in PR, branding, photography, events, real estate, and digital marketing. I also went to cooking school and worked as a private chef—but that’s more of my passion project. 


What were you looking for in a new job?

After graduating from Fordham University in May 2015, I had been working as a community manager at a co-working space called The Yard, but I was driven to find a role where I was able to really flex my creative muscle. Just as important to me was finding a team that inspired me and upper level management who would challenge and support me as mentors. 


What attracted you to Spherical when you found it on The Muse?

I liked that the agency focused on the travel space and was drawn to the idea of telling travel stories through social media. 

In general, reading interviews just like these and seeing photos on The Muse helped me put faces to the company name. It was really valuable to get a sense for who each company is and evaluate if they were a good fit for me. 

I was drawn to Spherical because they were working with some great, independent clients and the work they were doing for those clients was fresh and different from a lot of what I saw elsewhere. The mission of the company is to tell the stories of hotels and travel companies, and just as Spherical’s mission states, I believe that all of these great travel brands have a story worth telling. 


Is there anything in particular you did to help you stand out and land the job?

When I applied to work at Spherical, I had two initial interviews. After the second one, I followed up with a thank-you email mentioning that I made a list on Instagram (my favorite social platform) of reason’s why #SphrclNeedsMe. In the app, I added this hashtag to a list of my own photos, followed by reasons I would be a good addition to the team. 

For example, on a photo of me crossing the finish line of the NYC marathon, I commented, “#SphrclNeedsMe to stay driven and motivated to accomplish goals that may seem far away.” When you clicked on the hashtag, there was a full gallery of all the photos accompanied by reasons why I would be an asset to the company. This tactic worked. While I didn’t get the initial job I interviewed for, when a role opened up five months later, I got an email with the subject line: “#SphrclNeedsYou.” And here I am! 


What are you doing in your new role?

I’m a Digital Content Producer, which means I collaborate with our clients to make sure the stories of the hotels we work with are communicated through the property’s social channels. I gather information on events, specials, and neighborhood happenings and turn them into beautiful, informative, and fun content. With the help of a great copywriting team, I use photos I’ve taken—as well as curated images from the community—to create posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 


What’s your favorite part so far about working at Spherical?

The travel is so much fun. Since starting at Spherical six months ago, I’ve visited each of my clients (all of whom are hotels), and have been to Miami, Boston, DC, and Santa Barbara. In each place, I explore the properties and surrounding neighborhoods to get a sense of the area, and I photograph it for social content. 

In general, I’ve loved working as a photographer for the accounts I manage. Because we have a small team, all of us play multiple roles. This keeps our work fresh and exciting and has allowed me to further my photography skills in a professional setting. 

What advice would you have for someone who wants a job as amazing as yours?

With every job, there are going to be things you have to do that you don’t like doing. I’d like to think that if 75% of your work is gratifying, the other 25% will go unnoticed. But if the scale works out much differently, and you don't like what you’re doing overall, do something different! You spend so much time and energy at work. Let yourself put that time and energy toward work that makes you happy.

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